Thursday, 21 April 2011

Return of the Journal

Return of the Journal

Well, hello stranger! It's only taken me what I can only guess was several months to get this flaming journal back!

I'd been sleeping you see, something that I don't tend to do much for fear of being eaten, killed, captured or eaten. Somehow I'd managed to sleep through the alarm, which consisted of a bottle of ketchup (there are loads of them littering the streets for some reason) perched on the top of a bookcase in my shack. I knock it over just before I go to sleep underneath it, and usually by the time the ketchup has run out the bottle and hit me on the face, it's morning.

So sleeping through the alarm meant that I was covered in Ketchup. When I awoke I thought I had been attacked, and it took me a few minutes to stop running around my shack before I realised that my blood smelt exactly like the ketchup that was my alarm clock.

Looking around I realised instantly that something was amiss, due to the fact that my things were missing. But they hadn't left me completely empty handed, oh no, they'd done a massive dump by the door. I swore on that dump that I'd have my revenge!!

Without this journal, my mind started to get worse and worse. I think writing about what has happened to me and my loved ones and my not so loved ones, is helping me to cope with the utter pointlessness of the situation... who knows?

I kinda blacked out and when I came too I was madder than a blind man at a strip show... It was then I realised I'd killed another person, but I couldn't, and still don't, remember who it was... I'm sure it'll come back to me. I think whoever it was, was the person who had my journal, as that was what I was holding in my hands!

My sanity, or whatever you can call sanity these days, seemed to return to me and I decided straight away to find a pen/pencil/chalk/blood/poo to write an entry!

Oh, I've missed you my little companion, and you'll be glad to know I found one of the former to write this entry in with.

Well, I need to look over where I'd got to so I can get you to where I am now, eventually...

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