Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Another fruitless question

One day there was Mr. Religion, and he told everyone the universe was created by an etheral being and let's not ask any questions about it, but just have faith. Things were going well for Mr. Religion, until a new guy moved into the neighbourhood. His name was Mr. Science, and he drove a Honda.
Mr. Science turned up with all these things called facts, and has been trying to disprove Mr. Religion for millenia.

The Bible, we all know of it, have either read or been read parts of it, maybe seen the movie, laughed at it's inaccuracies and wondered why Dinosaurs and Aliens were left out of it?

Mr. Religion would have you believe that Mr. Science planted that evidence for people to find, and that we are the only people in the whole universe, but when I was at the natural history museum, a young boy named Gustafahoff asked me "Why are there no dinosaurs in the bible?" I asked him to mind his own business and walked off, but it made me think, why are there no dinosaurs in the bible?

So I got in touch with my old friend Professor Katz, who is no longer with Oxford University due to constant harrasment. After breaking into his old office, I hacked his computer and found out that he was staying at his holiday home in Vermont. Once in Vermont, I fought a polar bear, drank my weight in moutain dew and then confronted the Professor on the issue. Professor Katz told me "I haven't any idea, would you please put the gun down and leave me alone!?"

As Mr. Science's representative didn't know the answer, I thought that maybe Mr. Religion's representative would know. Unfortuantley The Pope is a little harder to get hold of thanks to the restraining order he put on me, and I can't stand of holy land after that pact I made with the devil, so the answer, like many of the answers I seek, will remain a mystery... but here's a nice picture I drew, which explains why the Martians are so pissed at us.

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Dagger said...

you are an inspired young individual;)
i just love the opening line!x