Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Replacement Cow

I turned on my tv last night and during a "comercial interlude" (Did I spell that correctly? Well I know I spelt THAT correctly, I meant Commerical... is it two m's or one m? Answers on the back of a postcard to : Adamicus 3rd, 16 Han Solo Ave, Kumquat, Kefeklhania)

I happened upon the new (and improved?) munch bunch advert. Now forgive me for being stupid, no please forgive me... But doesn't "Bunch" imply more than one? I mean the old Munch Bunch crew consisted of a "bunch" of fruit... Now however, they've removed these (scary?) fruit and replaced them with... a cow. And not a "bunch" of cows, just the one generic humanoid cow. (Which I find scarier than a "bunch" of talking fruit!)

Right... So the main draw to a fruit flavoured yoghurt is that it's got calcium in it, every kid's favourite ingredient.

Damn there collective capatilist hides! Stop trying to sell stuff to the Adults! When I was a kid, parents were pressured into buying things for us children, with the new generation of children missing out on this, they are being robbed of the heritage!!!

This is the Chocco Krispies incident all over again, why can't they leave well enough alone... sure I've not had munch bunch since I was a kid, but it still angers my hollow soul when they kill off a part of my childhood like they did when Opal Fruits ceased to be...

But I don't care, we all know they're Opal Fruits, and it'll be a cold cold day in hell when I recognise "Starburst" as there "real" name!

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jellyonaplate_8 said...

I think of munch bunch and I think of a bunch of grapes or bannanas or some other fruit. Fruit and bunch go together. What has a cow got to do with munch bunch? I totall agree, it's wrong, it's jut wrong