Thursday, 30 July 2009


Well I'm off now, I'll be married the next time I post on here, that's a scary thought... but scary in a good way, like a rollercoaster. Then I'm off for 2 weeks to Turkey where I shall be furiously scribbling down the end to Zombie Survival, and some Stoopid studio film ideas.

Well take care anyone who reads this.

See you on the other side.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Why Anthony Why?

So I was watching the television the other day, and on pops Sir Anthony "Hannibal" Hopkins. So naturally I sit up and listen to what this legendary actor has to say. He's there talking about how much he loved Rocky and then I realise that I'm not watching an interview with him, but a shameless HD advert.

Every time I see one he's telling us that a different film is the best film he's ever seen. Surely they can't ALL be the best film you've ever seen. And why are they advertising older films for HD, I mean stop me if I'm wrong, but surely they can't make Rocky look like any better than it already does?

Then I wondered why is Dr. Lecter sullying his good name with a shitty HD advert? Did they drive a truckload of money up to your house?

No I believe that they have well and truly "Ackbard" Sir Anthony, probably luring him into that house with promises of welsh cakes and leek soup and he's now stuck in that glass house, with only a camera and an earpiece that sends him instructions from Sky Tv reps!!

Well, I'm not going to stand for it. One of our greatest actors is being held against his will, by those bastards at Sky. I hate Sky, they're the Starbucks of the digital tv world. A good show like House starts on a reputable channel, and then Sky buys it once it's popular, forcing you to goto the dark side if you want to watch it!!

As I'm writing this, his advert is being played on the radio!!! Am I the ONLY person who thinks this advert is horrible?

Friday, 24 July 2009

New Poster

Trailer - Edward Lobe in Dead Before Dawn

Hello again!!
I know it's unsual for me to be updating this much, you must think I've become un-employed, or have swine flu and nothing to do...
Well neither are true, hopefully, and to celebrate that fact, here's the trailer for our next short.

"Edward Lobe in Dead Before Dawn" tells the story of the titular Edward Lobe (an eccentric Paranormal investigator) and his long suffering ward Frederick on a seemingly routine invesitgation, but it soon becomes clear that they've been "Ackbard"
Kristofus cobbled the trailer together last night out of the footage from the 2nd half of the short, the 1st half is being filmed tomorrow in a graveyard.

Keep your eyes on my Department 14 blog, which will be giving you more details on the characters and setting of Dark World, the name given to the world in which our films are set.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New short, coming soon

Well, last night we spent about 3 hours filming what will no doubt be less than 10 minutes of film once all the bloopers are cut out.

The short is called "Edward Lobe in Dead Before Dawn" and is a return to the horror comedy genre that we've flogged to death. We've only filmed half of the short so far, with a daytime graveyard scene being filmed saturday morning, however we did take a load of footage so that we can compile a trailer and that should be on here by the weekend.

Wether the entire film will be edited and uploaded before/whilst I'm on my honeymoon, I'm unsure, but if it's not done before I go/come back, then I will get on it when I get back.

If you watch it, please leave some comments for us.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Department 14

I've made a little blog for some creative writing I'm working on, which will tie in to what we're filming tonight. The stories will be done in a serial, a bit like the Zombie Survival, except it'll be updated every week/fortnight, whereas Zombie Survival has gone months without being updated.

So if you like the kind of things I write here, and want to read ongoing horror/comedy stories, check out my other page "Department 14" It all looks a little serious on there at the mo, but that'll soon change as the stories commence.

Also, due to the lack of decent layouts on Blogger, you may have noticed this has changed to something out, as Department 14 felt better on the notebook style background.

I must have had a slow January, looking at it, I had 30+ entries that month ah well... lol :D

My plans

Well, tonight Alexis, Kristofus, myself and maybe ol' man Pollard will be gathering once again to create a piece of cinematic absurdity. Yesterday I came up with an idea about some Paranormal Investigators investigating paranormal activities in a haunted house. How we will create this haunted house tonight is anyone's guess, and we might film something totally different, it's anyone's guess as to what will happen in the next 24 hours...

"Banana Men from Feline V" incidently, has had 99% positive feedback and only one person I know, just 1 person, said it was "meh... ok". Thanks Kelly ;-D

F.Y.I > A graphic novel of Banana Men from Feline V is currently being created by Webb, who played Banane in the short!!!

Personally I think it's our best short to date, due to the simplicity of it, our 80's cartoon voices for the cat and the bananas, how we used the bananas and of course the quality of the HD camera which Braymachine is graciously lending us at the moment.

I've actually got 11 days till I'm due to be wed, so wether this film will be completed and uploaded on Youtube before I go on my two week honeymoon, I'm not sure, but the link will be on here as soon as I've got it.

For all you Zombie Survival fanatics out there who keep on at me to finish it off, it wont be much longer I assure you, and with my two weeks by a pool in Turkey and me taking along my trusty notebook, I will have it written and probably some more random crap to distract you from your work/play day.

Talking about sites, I am hoping to create a new web page at some point this year, hopefully with some of Webb's art, to combine the Stoopid Studios short films and all of my random bloggings, so I'll let you know how that goes when it happens.

Well, I better get back to work, I'm sure I'll update before my wedding on the 1st.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Action Lines!

What's more cool than a witty one liner after you've shot some smarmy asshole through the face? Well... saying a witty one liner BEFORE you've shot some smarmy asshole through the face!

Action films are always a bit tongue in cheek, the main hero can usually sustain any ammount of punishment and is back in peak physical condition for the following sequels without so much as a bruise to show for it.

But what annoys me the most about action films is the timing of the comedic one liners. For instance, take the amazingly great mind f**k that is Total Recall. A film that has some great use special effects and leaves you wondering at the end if the main character was dreaming it all or if it actually happened. Either way, he dies/lives happily ever after so who cares right?

Now Arnie was the king of 80's action films, and he's had his fare share of One Liner's, Total Recall has a few. In this film however, his wife attacks him at a few points, and as Arnie pulls a gun on her she stares at him lovingly and says "But honey, I'm your wife" Arnie shoots her and quips "consider that a divorce"

Now if I was about to shoot my spouse (a situation that I have become very familiar with in the past few years) I would instead say "Consider this a divorce" and then shoot her. That way the last thing she hears is a witty one liner. There's nothing worse than coming back with a good retort and there being no one near to hear you.

Lethal Weapon 2 is another one, with one of the best villains ever. Here we have Danny Glover facing off against the white supremisist South African Consulate (I believe that was his job title including the white supremisist part) All the way through the film he's been flaunting off the fact that he's untouchable, as it would create an international incident apparantly. Personally I think the government of South Africa wouldn't give two hoots if he died, they must have known he was a prick, why else would you send him to America?!? I'm always sending people I don't like to America (the postage is pretty expensive though)

So right at the end, this evil bastard pulls out his papers and shouts "Diplomatic Immunity" in probably the most comic accent I have ever heard. Glover then cricks his neck, which is a signal to the audience that he is lining up a decent shot, then shoots him and after he's dead quips "Just been revoked" Wow, what a cool come back. But no one can hear it!?

I guess that maybe they say it after they kill them because if they said the one liner BEFORE they kill them, it'd give them time to escape or shoot back. Whatever the reasoning, I do enjoy a good retort, but I would ask that anyone reading this who has the intention of killing me, please say your witty retort before you kill me, I'd like to go to hell thinking "man, that was a good comeback"

Monday, 6 July 2009

Banana Men From Feline V

Hi guys, just follow the link to watch the splendiforus Banana Men from Feline V, a cross between a 1950's B-Movie flick and The Terminator

One day we'll make a movie where people aren't possessed by something or other lol, until then, enjoy our first Sci-fi!

Friday, 3 July 2009


Well I hope you're enjoying the tennis at the moment, I love how Murray is British when he's wining and Scottish when he's losing. How fickle are we when it comes to sports personalities!? More fickle than Mr. Fickle from 33 Mc Fickle Lane, that's how fickle.

Well tonight I shall be getting together with other Stoopid Studio member, Kristofus, to cobble together Banana Men from Feline V, our first forray into Sci-Fi comedy! So hopefully you'll be able/forced to watch it this weekend!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Zombie Survival is up

Just below the Transformers 2 review, the next chapter in the long running zombie survival story Arc. Nearing the end now. :D

Our New Film

Last night, Webb, myself and my evil brother Kristofus, sat round the dinner table and planned out the next dark spirit movie, after that was done, we had several hours spare... so we deicded to do a film in a night, which is what Stoopid Studio's do best.

We didn't want to do a horror/comedy, as that's Dark Spirit and Magic Bean Man right there, so instead we decided on Sci-Fi/comedy.

What started as a simple concept regarding 3 aliens landing on earth, who loose their memories, turned into "Banana Men from Feline Five!!!"

Using Braymachine's camera, which is a hell of a lot better than the cameras we've used in the past, we were able to get a crisp quality, which I hope won't be too large to upload onto Youtube and on here.

So just in time for Hannukah, you'll be able to watch our latest effort, which is a lot more technically experimental than all our previous endevours. Dark Spirit should be being filmed very soon too thanks to having a free house round Webb's, so we'll have a house you WONT recognise! Yatta!


(oh and Zombie Survival IS on it's way, no really)