Monday, 20 April 2009

Resident Evil : Avon Calling

Whilst inbetween watching Rush Hour on channel 5 the other night, I had the delight of seeing a few adverts. As you are probably aware, I loathe television adverts and each time I see one that makes me want to suck my soul out from my loins, I loose a little bit of faith that there is a god. But now and again an advert hits a chord, or something has to be said/done about the advert in question. This brings me to the following:

Avon is a company that has been going for years and years and years. I know a couple of people who are actually Avon reps, and I've always seen it as a harmless money grabbing scheme. I've never seen them represented through TV advertisements though, so straight away my attention was grabbed like a schoolboy on holiday.

But before I continue with Avon, I need to let you know about another company... Umbrella.

The Umbrella Corporation, until recently in Resident Evil mythology, was a company that made various different things, from make-up to bio-weapons that created zombies!

N0w, Umbrella was closed down by the american government after a breakout of the T-Virus in "Racoon City" and I assumed the nightmare would have ended there. However, it seems that like when Woolworths went into Administration and started selling stuff off, so did Umbrella.

It seems that Avon, not content with slowly draining the money from housewives limp hands, have decided to step up their quest for global consumer domination and have bought from Umbrella, vast ammounts of biological weaponry that they intend on distributing to the general populace!

Is it just me or do the two products look pretty much identical? Next time you see an Avon rep, get out your handgun and aim for the head.

Left: Avon, Right: T-Virus

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