Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Half Arsed Review - Wrong Turn 2 - dead end

I try to avoid the bastards at the local super-hyper-ultra store that they call ASDA, as I go in for milk and come out with the cow. This time, that cow came in the shape of a Wrong Turn box set on DVD.
I'd seen the first Wrong Turn a while back, which stars the ever loving Buffy wanna be Eliza Dushku as a happy camper against some crazy hill-billys that are a cross between the guys from deliverance and the mutants from The Hills have Eyes.
It was an enjoyable little gore fest and when I saw the box set at a dirt price I picked it up, expecting the direct to Doovd sequels to be below par, but I was pleasantly surprised with the 2nd film.

The plot is simple, a reality TV program about surviving an apocalypse begins filming in the same forest that the crazy hill billy bastards live, and as they split up they get picked off one by one.

The old "reality TV" angle has been done in the past in horror films, working well in "My Little Eye", so I wasn't sure how this would work, but it's a decent excuse to get some bodies into the woods.

I was a little disappointed that I guessed who would have survived, but there was one shock death in there for me so that made up for it. This film, is pretty gory, with one person in the first few minutes literally being sliced in half. So if you've got a queasy disposition, don't check this film out. If you don't mind the gore, you'll enjoy a light horror with some decent effects and decent performances from all involved.

I'd give this film 3 severed fingers out of a possible 5.

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