Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Why Anthony Why?

So I was watching the television the other day, and on pops Sir Anthony "Hannibal" Hopkins. So naturally I sit up and listen to what this legendary actor has to say. He's there talking about how much he loved Rocky and then I realise that I'm not watching an interview with him, but a shameless HD advert.

Every time I see one he's telling us that a different film is the best film he's ever seen. Surely they can't ALL be the best film you've ever seen. And why are they advertising older films for HD, I mean stop me if I'm wrong, but surely they can't make Rocky look like any better than it already does?

Then I wondered why is Dr. Lecter sullying his good name with a shitty HD advert? Did they drive a truckload of money up to your house?

No I believe that they have well and truly "Ackbard" Sir Anthony, probably luring him into that house with promises of welsh cakes and leek soup and he's now stuck in that glass house, with only a camera and an earpiece that sends him instructions from Sky Tv reps!!

Well, I'm not going to stand for it. One of our greatest actors is being held against his will, by those bastards at Sky. I hate Sky, they're the Starbucks of the digital tv world. A good show like House starts on a reputable channel, and then Sky buys it once it's popular, forcing you to goto the dark side if you want to watch it!!

As I'm writing this, his advert is being played on the radio!!! Am I the ONLY person who thinks this advert is horrible?

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