Thursday, 8 January 2009

The IT menace

The gremlins struck the other day and all systems went down at the dystopian work-house that I work at during daylight, and as a result we had to get "the IT guys out"

Now you have to nice to your IT guys, or they can point out to your superiors/overlords/monkey handlers, that you aren't doing what you're supposed to be doing, so I always am as nice as (cherry?) pie to them.

However, my boss said something that got me thinking, she said in passing "why do IT guys always want tea?". She was complaining as we only have a coffee machine at our work so have to do with that, there is tea bags but its a hefty process involving boiling water which could leave you scarred for life!

So I wondered, why DO they need tea... and then it struck me...

They are not people... but... robots in disguise (not the transforming kind) that drink tea to keep themselves operating to maximum capacity.

I prefer him as a robot (at least he's got a pen!)

Who better to fix a computer than a computer? Maybe they didn't all start off as machines, maybe they're being replaced one by one, but whatever is happening its happening fast and maybe when they've all been replaced, they'll start replacing us aswell? And then we'll live in some weird Matrix kinda world, but hopefully one that makes more sense... so what can we do to combat this menace? Make them Coffee instead, overloading their caffiene circuits and stopping them dead.

To prove my theory I'm going to break a PC and call the IT guys in... then capture one for study.

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