Friday, 19 June 2009

Zombie Re-Cap

First Post In June!!!

Sorry, I have been MEGA busy...

A lot of you have probably forgotten where we left off, so let me recap…

I took Polly, Royston, Braymachine, Milli and Pope to my legally purchased Island, under the pretence of a holiday, however what they didn’t know what that I had scientists develop a zombie virus™ and infect the local populace. Pope, Braymachine and even me, got bitten and turned into a zombie, however unlike the others, I managed to turn myself back thanks to a handy cure that the scientists had hidden for me.

The virus had a strange effect on Pope, she turned into a winged zombie pterodactyl kind of thing, and Braymachine turned into a hulking tank of a zombie. Polly went fruit bat crazy and has been living off the fruits of the jungle, slowly going mad, Milli hasn’t been much good because she’s Scottish and last time we saw her she was running away from some zombie hippos, and Royston, well Royston’s been a lucky bastard so far, managing to out run the zombies and keep his healthy complexion.

However my evil brother, Kristofus, has come to the island along with Alexis his right hand manservant. They managed to capture us AND Zombie Pope and Zombie Braymachine. Polly and I were put in a tent, whilst Alexis took Roy into what Polly and I deemed as the “rape tent” due to the grunting noises that could be heard all night.
It seems my brother is intending to use the zombie virus™ to kill off 99% of the world's population and re-populate it with his "children", as he is gay, I don't know quite how he's going to achieve the "children" without some serious science coming into play... I'm not going to let him realise his grand plan and have seen the errors of my ways as I realise it was probably a bad idea to unleash a zombie virus™ on my unsuspecting friends. Hindsight is a marvellous thing…

So what happened next?... Stay tuned, I promise it wont be long to wait, and there will be a new story arc with some familiar faces and of course my usual randomness. Time permitting of course.

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