Wednesday, 28 July 2010

You're call is very important to us...

I was quite excited recently, by the prospect of getting a new PC, as my last PC decided to die on me (the coroners report suspected foul play, but it was generally considered a suicide)

The place I rot at 9-5 decided to give me my old work PC, so I took it home and installed it, but alas had no speakers, so BBC Iplayer would have to wait till next payday... next payday came and I went out and got speakers, set them up, and then... my Internet died.

I got on the blower, and then the phone, to Talk Talk, in a desperate attempt to restore my computers Internet, and had to wait ten minutes for a guy to pick the phone up... which brings me to the subject of this particular rambling.

Hold Music!

I don't mind hold music per say, in fact sometimes I sing along to it with glee, however, when the song is the same song, repeated again... and again.... and again... and again... and the only break you get is a soulless computer recording telling you that someone will pick up if you just hold on a few more moments, it gets pretty annoying pretty fast.

Case in point: Talk Talk.

Now, they've spent a certain amount of money to secure the song "Neon Rainbow" for their advertising. So I can appreciate that they want to use it as much as possible. But tell me where the logic is in putting it on a loop to customers who will be calling with a problem or complaint?

I mean, these people are already going to be annoyed before the phone call starts. The service they're paying for isn't being done and now they're going to have to waste their time and money contacting the technical support. So some bright spark, who was the guy who secured the rights for the song, thought "I know, let's play that music over and over whilst they wait, that won't annoy anyone right?"

It's not just Talk Talk, Lloyds play their "oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oooooh" music on a constant loop, and believe me the song gets pretty crazy halfway through.

So surely the constant repetition of the same song over and over will exacerbate the situation? Or maybe that's what the company wants? To screw with you even more? I intend to infiltrate one of these organisations and find out. But until then, I suggest singing along at the top of your voice to the music!

I just hope Talk Talk sort out my internet soon, as I don't think I can take one more round of "Neon Rainbow", I think that'll be what pushes me over the edge and sends me on that killing spree that a gypsy warned me about when I was ten.

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