Tuesday, 6 July 2010

my T4 on da bee-atch

Well, anyone who knows me (who isn't imaginary) will know my music taste is a little old fashioned... I like cheese and classic rock. So imagine how out of place I was expecting to feel at T4 on the beach when I went down on Sunday?

It was a good and a bad day at the same time, I enjoyed myself, yet had moments of "wtf".

There were thousands at T4, and we all had to queue on the beach to be let in. When we were halfway to the entrance and surrounded by excitable teenagers, one of them decided that it was all to much and fainted, hitting her head on the way down. So being the respectable gentleman that I am, I decided to help out and try and signal a first aider... however, there were none to be seen. I turned round to the throng of children behind me and shouted out "Can someone shout for first aid" hoping to get some form of Chinese whispers that would bring a first aider. However they just stared blankly at my feeble attempt to assert myself.

So it was up to Adamicus the 3rd to save the day, using my expert ability of getting through crowds, I barged my way through the masses until I was free of the crowd. Then I ran to the only man I could see who had a walkie talkie to get him to get help. The man, who was standing on a wall filming the throngs of teens looked at me distastefully when I told him someone had fainted and then half heatedly called through the walkie talkie to some first aiders to come help, then he went back to filming the kids... he might have actually been a paedophile on 2nd thoughts.

Anyway, I was able to get back to the girl, but by that time she was already dead. OK, she wasn't but that would have been a better anecdote.

The festival had N-Dubz, Professor Green and Jedward... so you can imagine my joy at the prospect of seeing them perform. However, I did get to see Louie Spence, who was amusing as always, then saw The Hoosiers who's old stuff was good, but there new clubbing mixes were just bad. The musical highlight for me was Plan B, who I've enjoyed for a while now and proves some chavs can sing! But seriously, a great live performance even if he did get PWNED in Adulthood.

The weirdest moment for me was when I went to use the toilets. There was a large amount of porta-loo's about, and in the middle of a square of them were make-shift urinals. So rather than being enclosed in an AIDS ridden Tardis, I decided to frequent the outdoor urinal. It would have been okay, but halfway through my useage, I happened to look up and made eye contact with a couple who were watching me... creeped me right out.

The way out of the festival was BULL SHIT AND MATCH! Basically, you park on the beach when you get there, and have helpful attendants showing you where to park... but when T4 is over, it is a cluster fuck to get off the beach before the tide comes in. There were about 15 lines of cars trying to get out of one tiny exit, with no help. It took us probably 2 hours to get off the beach, before even attempting the journey back.

The saddest sight I have ever seen was on the way home, where I noticed a young teens car had broken down, and as we drove past, he stood there with puppy dog eyes holding a piece of paper that read "Mechanic ?"

I did the only decent thing and murdered him before the wolves got him. It was the perfect end to a so/so day.

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