Thursday, 28 August 2008

The London Experience

So my long suffering lady friend Louise, took me with her to London town. A hive of skum and villany the likes of which you have never seen.
We went there to watch Mamma Mia! the stage musical, at first I was apprehensive as I'm not the biggest Abba fan, not because I don't like there music, but because I was on tour with Abba once and we split over artistic differences... anyway... it was a great show!
What to do in London, was the questions we asked ourselves and the reply we got was "Madame Tussauds" (or however you spell it) and "The London Dungeon". So we got on to the tube and visited both Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeon, and both of them looked great from the outside... I say from the outside as we never went in due to the 2+ hour queues! And I know I'm British and our national past-time is waiting, but bugger that for a game of soldiers, so instead we went on a London Sight Seeing tour (on a double decker) and visited the National History Museum.
We went to Buckingham Palace and watched the changing of the guards, I wondered "Do there's heads go all the way to the top of those fluffy hats they wear" and Louise walked away from me as apparantly I was "embarrasing her" I don't see how, I may have been naked but it wasn't like I was shouting rude words or throwing my poo at the guards! Sometimes I don't understand women...

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jellyonaplate_8 said...

lol, I have just been giggling a lot. Just to add, you were embarassing, you were drawing everyone's attention to you and making stupid comments about the guards (they could have been related to them.) But, you know what,looking back, it was funny, and I would never have you any other way. you may embarass me, but you make me laugh and laugh at the same time so it's fine, carry on just as you are as I love it (oh god, your going to remind me of this, next time you embarass me aren't you)