Friday, 20 August 2010


For those of you who like horror films, I urge you to watch [REC], a Spanish horror film about a news reporter and her camera man stuck in an apartment building with a bunch of tenants who quickly become infected by a demonic virus. It's claustrophobic, scary and just a great film.

When I heard [REC]2 was coming out I was apprehensive at first, due to the quality and the nature of the ending from the first. However, I've heard nothing but good reviews for it, so I thought I'd go see it in the cinema on release. But as it's a Spanish film and has subtitles, it only got shown in remote locations in the country.

So I had to wait for the release of the DVD, and it is out today! Yay!

As the 2nd film is set 15 minutes after the first, I thought it'd be a good idea to watch them back to back, so tonight I will pick up the DVD on my way home and am having my evil brother and his friend over to peruse the visual horror.

Expect a half arsed review if I survive the night.

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