Wednesday, 21 January 2009


It seems that Advertising executives are trying to get their adverts onto clip shows for bizarre adverts these days.

I can't turn the television on at the moment without being smacked in the face by an advert of pure randomness and bewilderment. The usual culprit is the obligitory Car Advert.

It used to be a given that a car advert would be about the car and not just feature the car. The latest advert that made me re-evaluate my life however was a Glade advert on Channel 4.

Picture the scene, a mum and her son. The son, who is about 6 I guess, informs his mother (out of sync I believe) that he wants a poo. At this point, I'm thinking, ok this is a nappy advert for potty changing or a new kids bog roll that is softer than wiping your pre-pubesent arse on a teddy bears innards. Plus I'd rather not know which number this kid wants, couldn't he have just said "I need the toilet"? I could have been eating my dinner ffs!

The mother tells her child that he should just go use the toilet, to which the boy replies "I want to poo at Jack's? house".

So I'm thinking, what the hell is this an advert for? For a second I thought the reason he wanted to go to Jack's house was because he wanted to ride in the new vauxhall, and the whole thing had been a set up for the latest car.

Then the reveal. Jack's house has Glade!

Riight, so what the hell is this advert trying to say. Is it saying buy Glade so that you will encourage your children and all their friends to use your toilet? If anything, this advert makes me NOT want to buy Glade, for fear of a knock on the door from a random 6 year old who wants nothing more than to releave his sugar coated bowels in my Woodland Grove scented bathroom.

I seriously wonder WHO designs these adverts??? Maybe I should find out...

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Flink ink ink said...

Here here!! I was shocked also.