Monday, 23 August 2010

I am [REC]2-less, hear me roar!

So my plans to have a [rec]athon were cut to ribbons when a series of unfortunate events befell me.

First off, I forgot my pin number. My brain drew a complete blank when I got to the cashpoint and after my 3rd failed attempt I had to call the bank and get it un-blocked. I tried again later and another 3 failed attempts blocked my card and I have to wait 5 days for a reminder, the bastards! I don't see why they couldn't tell me it over the phone, after going through more security than a Hogwarts vault to even speak to someone!

In the end though, my wife gave me her card and I went off to my local Asda, to find that they didn't have [REC]2 in store. So I traipsed over to Blockbuster... they too had no [REC]2. Unfortunately, I had exhausted my options as Rugby is THAT shit.

I was angry, angry that you could pick up the latest entry in the tired franchise that is saw, but you couldn't pick up a copy of a horror that truly tried something different... then I realised, thanks to a tweet, that it is not the 20th of August, but the 20th of September that [REC]2 is released... So, my bad.

However, my weekend wasn't all bad, I did see Blood Diamond, which is a fantastic film and I highly recommend it, also I saw Inception at the Imax, so await for the half arsed review. :)

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