Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Play This You Bastard! - Vampire Rain part 3

Safe in the shadows
For the record, I'm an idiot. I have only just realised that the levels I was playing, were not tutorials. The tutorials are displayed underneath the story missions!

What you're looking at on the mission select screen is this:

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

I presumed that playing the story included the two tutorial missions underneath and that they were also selectable so you could try and beat your rank in that particular section without having to play the entire mission! I presumed wrong.

On my latest mission underneath it instead of Tutorial it says Trial, and has a description of "Get 5 of more B ranks to unlock" This is a nice addition to the game and adds to the level count. I'll try the trial once I've unlocked and tell you more about it.

So what happened on the tutorial missions?

Tutorial 1 - Don't Be Seen
This was a piece of piss. You literally had to sneak from one side of a road to another, without being spotted by Night Walkers. It took me all of 2 minutes and would have been quicker if not for being stopped for instructions.

Tutorial 2 - Necrovision
It seems that by pressing right on the D-Pad you bring up Necrovision. This handy little visual overlay reveals which humans are actually Nightwalkers. I'd presumed (again wrongly) from the missions I'd played earlier that any human could turn into a Nightwalker, but with Necrovision, it proves there are still humans about.

This tutorial mission has you on a roof with your team, using Necrovision to decide which human below is a Nightwalker so that the lady can take them out. It took me slightly longer as I found it hard finding all the humans, and the Nightwalker only came into view once you'd identified everyone else as humans.

So what have I learnt from the tutorials?

The first Tutorial didn't really teach me anything I didn't know from playing through the story missions, however it would have had me more prepared as as I stated in a previous post, when the Nightwalkers spot you there's a screen overlay of their eyes which becomes less and less transparent the more and more you are visible. When this first happened to me in the story mode I was a little unprepared for it, but soon realised what it meant. If I'd played the tutorial it wouldn't have come as a surprise.

The second Tutorial however introduced a new function that so far hasn't been touched on or needed in the story mode. Necrovision may come into play later, but so far I've got along fine as 100% of the people I've come across (who've seen me) have tried to kill me. A bit like a night out in Coventry.

Oh and I've also learnt the people's names!!

Me - Lloyd
The Lady - Kelly
Tech Guy - Hanson
Captain - ...Captain.

In my next update I'll check out the next story mission!

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