Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Would I survive?

I've recently been playing a computer game called Left 4 dead, in which you team up with 3 other people "online" and try to survive a zombie apocalypse.

This got me thinking as to how I actually would fare in a zombie survival situation. I've seen most zombie films, being fairly interested in the fall of society and the dynamics of a group of people going against insurmountable odds to survive.

In theory, due to the books and films I have watched, and common sense that I bought off of ebay, I believe I would be able to survive for some time in a post-zombie ridden world. However on paper, my abilities aren't great. I've never shot a real life weapon, I can't drive anything, I'm not out of shape but if there were fast zombies they'd probably get me and to top it all off I'm a coward. I'm that guy in a zombie movie who locks himself in a room, and has to listen to all the other survivors die. That guy usually meets a sticky end, in a bad way.

So as I'm a curious george, I decided to invest a lot of time and money into creating a zombie virus to unleash on the small population of an Island I'm currently purchasing (thanks to google and Wikipedia!)

I do however need some fellow survivors, I kind of double up as the coward/comic relief guy, so I need a black guy, someone with a disability, several women, an ex-military guy or a cop.

E-mail me your CV if you are interested. Ciao for now.

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