Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Play This You Bastard! - Vampire Rain Part 4

My team had just come across the "Advance" Team's van, which was riddled with bullet holes and had a little bit of blood splattered around for effect... but no bodies. This does not bode well.

Whilst inside the van we get a heads up from Hanson (The Tech Guy) who tells us we've got a lot of Nightwalkers travelling towards us. Their movement is strange however, as if they're looking for something... yeah no shit Hanson, they're probably looking for us and or the advance team (who I'm calling it, are dead or turned... we may come across one survivor but I reckon they'll not be long for the world)

Captain states that we need to kill the Nightwalkers so they don't discover the advance team's van, which by the looks of the van is a bit too late.

The Captain tells Kelly (The Lady) and Lloyd (Me) to take out the Nightwalkers in the area. "Shit" I think to myself, as I may as well be using harsh language against them for all the good my solo weapon efforts have done so far... but this time I'm given a Sniper Rifle. "cool" I think, but I'm still apprehensive, until Kelly tells me that when a Nightwalker is in human form, one shot to the head kills them.

...seriously, we're like over 4 missions in and she's only just getting round to telling me this now! This kind of information should be made known to the whole group, nay the world! But maybe this was covered in a tutorial I skipped, so until I play those, I can't really judge.

BANG! And the dirt was gone
I follow Kelly up to the rooftops and we're nestled safely up there. On the streets below are three Nightwalkers. I easy take them out with head shots, and they don't seem to mind when one of their own is blown away right in front of them, so that rain really must be effecting their senses (Or perhaps it's shoddy AI... I'm thinking the latter)

Suddenly the Nightwalker threat doesn't seem so much of a threat. These bastards go down quicker than a bottle of lucozade at a Tennis match. All it takes is a head shot when they're not all vamped out, and you can go home with a smile on your face knowing there's one less vampiric bastard roaming the streets.

Kelly tells me to relocate as she can't get a shot on the other Nightwalkers... why do I have to move? Perhaps she's higher up the chain of command than me, so I move and suddenly a Nightwalker is there and goes to attack me. I soil my pants and wait for the inevitable, but Kelly's got my back and the Nightwalker is soon pushing up Daisy's from hell.

I get a call from Kelly stating she's moving and that I've got to cover her, I get the sniper rifle out and follow her movements, but the only Nightwalkers about are on the street, so after taking them out she thanks me and tells me I have to move again as she can't see the Nightwalkers... if she can't see from there, why did she stop there in the first place?

Suddenly the Captain calls over the comms that the Advance Team van has been fixed and we should all rendezvous back there... all of us except me. There's some cheesy music played over this, hopefully to distract you from the logical thought processes that are being shat on by the Captain's orders as he orders me to kill any remaining Nightwalkers. Surely it'd make more sense for both of us to do it? Ah well...

I go jumping about the rooftops, killing several walkers on street level. This is easy. Then on my next building a door opens. I shit my pants, but the Walker (who is in human form) doesn't see me. A quick shot later (the bullet kind not the drink kind) and he's an Ex-Nightwalker.

A few more dead human form Nightwalkers and there's a cut scene of a Non-Human Nightwalker running... suddenly my team are under attack and I'm told to come help them. After a bit of careful navigation, I'm back at the car park with my team.

I don't think they're here to give me their ticket
Before you can say "Captain, the Advance Team are dead or worse" the door to the car park opens and a Nightwalker is running at me... great. However, as my team are here with me, we quickly take down about 3 of the bastards, with little to no hassle.

The Captain reckons that the Vehicle is too noticeable here, so we have to move it to a safe location. I want to suggest that Disney World is a safe location, but don't get the chance.

This was a fun mission which changed the way I viewed Walker battles. As long as I have a Sniper Rifle and they're in human form, they're no risk to me.

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