Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fave Animals

On God's green planet there are some interesting species of animals, and everyone has there favourties. Maybe you're a big fan of the Giraffe, or maybe you're more of a Lion fan. Well I have several favourite animals, but one of my most favourites has got to be...

The Elephant Seal.

I first encountered them on one of my many journeys around the world, on that particular adventure myself and Professor Humperdink, were tasked with finding an ancient sword that belonged to the King of Sudan... but that's a different story for another day.

The Elephant Seal is one ugly bastard, maybe that's why I like it, because although it's ugly and has bad breath it gets on with things, a lot like some humans I know.

HORRIBLE FACT: The Alpha Male is knicknamed "The Grandmaster" and when the mum's and dad's go for a swim, he goes and RAPE'S the children... um, thanks nature...

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jellyonaplate_8 said...

that's horrible? Where in your brain did this one come from? I'd love to take a tour in there some time. Is this based on any fact?