Thursday, 28 August 2008

Halfway to 50 but where am I at?

Who'd have thunk that at the ripe old age of 25 I'd be where I am today, if you'd asked me when I was but a little lad I'd have said "By 25 I'll be a successful actor, in movies galore!"

Was I naive, or did I have the potential to achieve such a feat, but thanks to laziness on my part I could never achieve this? Well I asked a stranger in the street today that same question, her response was less than satisfactory... infact she called me a "wierdo" and ran away.

So I called up Oxford University and spoke to Professor Katz, he told me that he had no idea who I was and would I stop calling him or he'd inform the police.

With Professor Katz refusal I ventured into the Quarry and sought out Phil, the method actor. He had some success as a child actor and now lives like Obi Wan Kenobi, except he doesn't try to get ugly youths to follow him on some damned foolish crusade. He told me that although I didn't have the career I had expected, I had other things to be happy about. I have a house, a woman that loves me, friends and family... and a 360 with a HDTV.

I patted Phil on the back and thanked him for his help, then like the wise man he is, he vanished into the trees...


Strawb27 said...

They should bottle you up and sell you, without a doubt the funniest man i've ever met. Chantelle x

jellyonaplate_8 said...

You do have a woman that loves you, that's for shizel. Although I do wonder what comforts you more about not being a movie star. Me? Or your HDTV and Xbox?