Friday, 9 October 2009

Risen Diary - Day One

Day One

Well, my best friend Marty of ten years, said it would be a good idea for me to hide aboard a ship. Well that was a good idea wasn't it? See the world he said, have some fun he said... he didn't mention that there might be some wierd guy with a glowing eye who would decide to have a fight with an invisible sea giant, then once he'd pissed it off enough would just vanish and leave us to pick up the pieces! Now I've ended up shipwrecked on some god awful Island thanks to that Goon!

They're all dead, well, apart from Sara, who I can't remember how I know, but I know that she was on the ship... and if there's no one else on this island, at least I've got some female company... before I found her I was contemplating drawing a smiley face on a rock and calling it Wilson or something.

There is some indigenous wildlife here, not the friendliest creatures I'll admit. So far I've come across a wild ostrich kind of thing, a wolf the size of a lion and a large rat/porcupine thing. I'm just waiting for Dr. Moreau to come out and some lion guy to refer to me as "five finger man".

Also, I can't seem to get off the island. Every time I try and swim out, some large worm thing grabs me! At first I thought "oh shit, I'm done for" I mean it could literally tear me limb for limb. However, he's not as bad as he looks, all he does is he places me back on the beach. I tried several times and the same thing happens! I think I'll call him Hank.

So Sara said she thought we'd better leave the beach, before looters came down there... I hadn't the heart to tell this woman that the first thing I did when I awoke on the beach was to go through all the pockets of the corpses on the beach and loot them... somehow I thought her opinion of me might lower somewhat.

So we walked up through the greenery for some time, it took us quite a while as I decided to pick up everything and anything I could find. I've got more herbs on me now than a Chinese Medicine Man... where I'm putting all this stuff, best not to ask. Suffice to say, I may start chaffing soon.

Finally we came across a cave, which Sara was too scared to go in as there were strange lights in it, so I continued on with her till we got to a little shack. I was glad that their was other life on the Island as Sara was begining to annoy me.

I checked the shack out and found a saucepan. Then Sara the cheeky bitch told me to go cook for her! I mean, it wasn't enough that I'd already saved her life on the beach and hacked my way through various species of animals which are probabily on the endangered species list, no that wasn't enough, she expected me to cook for her too!

Well, I didn't want to cause a scene with my potential love interest, so I cooked her some porcupine/rat meat. Which tastes just like chicken. Tomorrow I will head further inland to find some help, and more rat meat to cook my already grating companion.

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