Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Jeremy Kyle

For anyone who has ever skived a day off of work, or who has been ill or unemployed, there's a 93.6% chance that you've caught a glimpse of The Jeremy Kyle show. For those who've luckily missed this show, let me explain.

The Jeremy Kyle show is a talk show, where people can and do air their dirty laundry. The type of people that go on this show are one strand of DNA away from being an Amoeba, and would not look out of place being the monster of the week in an episode of Doctor Who. Infact I think some of the guests on this show went on to star in The Hills have Eyes.

A typical show has one of these mutants wheeled on stage, where they will complain that their partner has cheated on them with their sister/father/dog, or that they're not sure if they're the father/mother of their partner's son/daughter/dog for example. Next the mutant's better half comes out to a torrent of boos/cheers/claps from the audience and will tell their side of the story.

At any point Jeremy Kyle can and will shout at them about anything and everything. Other talk show hosts try and help their guests, but Kyle goes crazy and attacks anything that moves, like a foaming dog in Mothercare.

Watching Jeremy Kyle is not unlike going to a zoo... if the zoo contained only brain dead gorillas and a smug c**t of a zoo keeper who believes he is king of the apes!

The great unwashed love this bastard, and he knows it... and the thing that worries me the most is now he's got to the top of his field in talkshows... what if he sets his sights on 10 downing street!!

With his legions of supporters he'd get voted in no problem, and spend his time shouting at the UN or anyone and everyone else... we'd be nuked 3 minutes after he'd take the office, by everyone who owns a nuke... and even countries that don't.

Food for thought.

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