Thursday, 10 June 2010

Banana Men From Feline V : Directors Cut & Other Filums

Good morning, or as they say in wales "Khhhheee Khaaaa"

Last night I spent half an evening re-editing "Banana Men from Feline V" with Kristofus and John John the Potters Son, and have got to say that although it's lost a bit of the B-Movie feel to it, it's actually got some interesting new additions and some footage that we didn't use has been included.

It's great going back over this film as the first time around, I was left to it and edited the whole thing together myself, usually Kristofus sits in and helps out but on that instance he was going through a weird phase, where he believed anything he wanted to happen would happen if he thought about it hard enough. So he wasted an evening trying to materialize popcorn.

The reason I'm going over this is to try and get it polished enough to send off to a film festival. I'm also sitting down at some point and going over Magic Bean Man, editing both parts into one and lighting up some of the darker scenes now that I have a better knowledge of the package (careful) I'm using.

Also in the pipeline is a re-make of Edward Lobe, which is being scripted this time round by myself and Alexis, and of course our main project this year The Dark Spirit, has been moved back till October so that we can have more time to prepare and get a cast that doesn't keep dropping out like a BT Internet signal.

On another note, it's my birthday this time next week... maybe I'll develop superpowers on my 27th birthday? I live in hope.

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