Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Karate Kid

I've got love for you if you were born in the 80's is something that Pineapple headgear man Calvin Harris would say to you. Personally, I agree.
If you were a kid being raised in the 80's not only did you get the best kids shows, music and TV series, but you got the best films too.
Which brings me round to the subject of this particular ramblingation.
My long suffering lady wife Louise, (who doesn't read these ramblings by the way, so I could write anything about her without her knowing, but know my life isn't worth living if she found out) was born in the late 80's so missed out on a lot of the stuff that made my childhood bearable.

I don't mind so much that she doesn't get certain references I get, as I can re-watch the classics (which sometimes aren't as good as I remember them) with her and re-live my childhood, complete with cola flavoured chewits and ghostbuster toys.

So I picked up Karate Kid from those rent boys known as Love Film! I was actually amazed at how well the film stood the test of time. Mr. Miyagi is as Yoda like as I remember him and Daniel-Son is the perfect model of teenage Angst.
To my horror then, as I loved that film so much, I learnt that the powers that be had decided to make a remake. Now, I'm all for remakes, if the original was made in the 50's or was an idea not fully realised due to the technology of the time or the directors lack of vision, but for me Karate Kid is still a great movie with some surprisingly touching moments (and not in a creepy way)

So Hollywood... why remake it!?
CHA-CHING! That's why. Sponduli, pesetas, yen.
Accident prone Jackie Chan, who is a crazy bastard but entertaining none the less takes on the role of Mr. Miyagi... except his name is Mr. Han this time round. Good job too, as there truly is only one Mr. Miyagi... and he's dead.

Daniel Russo is replaced with Dre, who's played by Will Smith's spawn. I thought the kid was great in The Pursuit Of Happiness, but the trailer for this looked really really bad. It doesn't help that he's 11 in this movie as oppose to Daniel being about 16.
But my main point of contention dear reader is the title itself. Jackie Chan, is a Kung Fu master, not a Karate Guru. So in this film, he teaches Dre, Kung Fu, not Karate...

SO WHY... OH WHY!?!? Is this film called Karate Kid?! I know WHY, but surely it should be called Kung Fu Kid?
I'll probably rent this out, just to see how badly/goodly they do, and will fill you in. If there's no Crane in this, I'm going on a spree.
Waxing off for now, Ciao!

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