Monday, 17 January 2011

Computer Heartbreak AKA I got me No Internets!

Ouch, my internet has taken a shot right to the groin.

You see, a while ago, I introduced Ms. Computer, to Mr. Dongle. They seemed to have a lot in common, and together they made beautiful internets together. However, the other night Ms. Computer must have checked the internet history and seen that Mr. Dongle had been viewing inappropriate material, which she considers cheating.

Subsequently, Ms. Computer no longer recognises Mr. Dongle, meaning I can't get access to my internet at home, meaning I can't update my blog for you three who read this.

I keep trying to remind Ms Computer that Mr. Dongle is actually an ok guy, but she just won't let him in anymore.

So I'm going to have to retire Mr. Dongle, and find something else on the market that Ms. Computer will be compatible with.

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