Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Marvel Disney

Disney, the master powerhouse that it is, has bought Marvel Entertainment for the lousy fee of $4bn.
Am I the only person who is worried about the direction that Marvel may be forced to go in? Is this goodbye to the gritty comic story lines and hello to more kid friendly spiderman yarns?
Will we be seeing a crossover of Mickey Mouse proportions!? Imagine that, the fantastic four are about to face off against some alien menace, but they can't do it alone, he needs the help of Donald Duck...
Then again, a crossover the other way round would be interesting, imagine Duck Tales with Iron man helping them out? I always thought High School the Musical needed a symbiotic suit to take over the school! Now that, I would watch.
On other Marvel related news, they've decided to re-boot the fantastic four movies.

Apparantly they want something that is a little more Iron Man, making the F4 more gritty and perhaps making Dr. Doom less of a pussy. So the powers that be decided to hire the guys who wrote Batman & Robin to ma... wait... yes, that's right. They decided to make a less cheesy film, by hiring the guys who wrote the worst Batman film since The Joker submitted a script in the 60's.
Batman and Robin is a joke, they kill off Arnie's ailing career and make Bane into a pathetic Henchman. I mean, come on BANE!?!? This is the character that broke batman's back! But he's sidelined here and instead we get pure offle.
Please don't let them do the same to The Human Torch and The Thing. I actually enjoyed the F4 movies, except for Dr. Doom and Galactus. I mean sure they were light in subject matter and very bright in content, but not every superhero has to analyse there feelings all the time! Well let's hope they don't destroy anymore of the Marvel universe.

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