Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Keep your own damned music!!

I watched a trailer the other day for Daybreakers, a family friendly movie where vampires have taken over the earth thanks to a virus of some kind (aids?) and humans are in very short supply (kind of like I am Legend but with less butterflies) and Sam Neil has developed a synthetic blood formula to stop vampires turning feral. Obviously, something's not quite right or the movie ends there I guess, well it seems that the humans can turn vampires back into humans (through a bite maybe?) and they decide to turn Ethan Hawke into a regular human to help them survive. Now the film looks quite good, however... the music they use for the film is the SAW music.

Now come on. The SAW music is very reognisable after seeing five films with the same theme tune, so why have they pilfered it for this movie? That would be like Knight Rider stealing the A-Team theme tune, you'd be watching it thinking, oh this is cool, and then realise wait... this is not my beautiful wife, this is not my beautiful house, my god what have I done!?

One movie a lot of films pilfered from was The Hunt for Red October, which had a cracking sound track, and a lot of film makers thought so too, so decided that instead of getting someone to write a new soundtrack for their film, they'd use the one from Hunt for Red October.

It's obvious that Hollywood is running out of ideas, what with so many re-makes and franchise re-boots coming out at the moment in the near future and the fact that they're recycling old music from other films is proof of that too. I reckon we should forget the film reboots, and instead we should do a Hollywood reboot. Get rid of them all and replace them with other people, talented writers, musicians, actors and the like.
But who would you get to star in these new films... It would have to be a great actor, probably tall, gangly, not easy on the eye but not repulsive either... what me? Well I'm flattered, but I could never leave my low salary low enjoyment filled office job, sorry.
And that's why I hate my life :)

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