Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Zombie Survival: Penultimation!

So here I am... still on the island and still in a perpetual nightmare. I had hoped that my worries would have dissapeared like that bout of crabs I had a few years back, but instead it's stayed like that bout of Herpes I got in Vietnam.

So yes, as you have probably realised, everything didn't got quite as planned as Polly and I ran full pelt from the camp of my zombie infected brother towards the saftey of a helicopter pickup from Alexis's government friends.

At present I am sitting at a computer screen with Roystons blood caked over my shirt, taking this opportunity to just let you know whats going on before we begin an assault on the laboratories that my brother has now taken over.

You see we did as Alexis had said, we ran to where the helicopter was supposed to pick us up, but instead we found Royston shaking his head as he told us there was no rescue copter, instead, Alexis had lied, once again. He wasn't a member of any covert operation at all, he was just a compulsive liar. So it was back to square one for the three of us.

We took a moment to catch our breath and then decided what to do next. My brother would no longer cause us much of an issue as he was sure to join the ranks of the un-dead, and as he shares the same DNA as me, and nothing really happened to me when I turned, we figured he'd just be a regular zombie along with Alexis. However, Milli was still out there somewhere and this Island was still infested with the un-dead.

We had to stop the Zombie Virus (tm) here and now, and I reminded them that there was a fail safe on the island, that the scientists had installed which was located in the laboratories on the eastern side of the Island, however I didn't know which direction was which. But this is where Polly's slighted un-hinged mind came in handy. He had done a lot of navigating whilst he was a cub (he never made it to scouts) and quickly found North and began to lead us eastward towards our goal.

Night came fast in the overgrowth and on several occasions we noticed a few zombies milling about, but no sign of our friend Milli. Wherever she was we hoped she was safe and sound, but my heart was telling me that she was probably dead or worse.

After a few hours, we came upon a town, and our luck was really in. This was the place where the laboratories were located. Royston had a quick scout ahead and came back to tell us that everything was ok. To do this he turned round and gave an ok signal with his right hand... seconds after he did this, his hand exploded and he fell to the ground in agony.

"Sniper!" Polly shouted and we both dragged Royston back into the bushes whilst we heard several more gun shots. We wondered who was shooting, but it didn't take us long to find out. A voice filled all of our minds, it was my brother.

"You will not be coming to this base my friends, for it is now mine. From here I can control all of my children and create more thanks to the tonnes of Zombie Virus (tm) that are located here. That bite from Alexis made me stronger, sure I'm not a looker anymore but I am a god!"

I heard the same speech every christmas from my brother and was slightly un-impressed with the Zombie Virus (tm)'s effect on me. If my brother was some psychic zombie master, why was I just a shambler? I thought, maybe I should try getting bit again, but then quickly thought against it. We looked around and Polly and I managed to drag Royston into a building on the edge of the town. That's where we are now, Polly has wrapped up Royston's arm nicely and the bleeding seems to have stopped, but he's unconcious. The building we're in is surrounded by zombies, thanks to my brother directing them our way, and we still have no idea where Milli is.

Tomorrow, we get out of here, and one way or another we'll finish my little experiment on the island. Dead or alive... or un-dead... or un-alive. You get the point.

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