Monday, 5 April 2010


I've now got to the point where I'm thinking that maybe I've seen too many movies as I can easily predict the most complex plot twist three minutes into a film, or I'm thinking that films are trying too hard to put twists into movies and as a result signpost them way before hand.

Out of the two films I got from Lovefilm this weekend, both of them were thrillers and both had a twist, and I guessed them both (one of them from pretty much the offset!). My problem is that I'm a social film watcher too, so if I have a theory, I share with whoever I'm with, which as my long suffering lady wife Louise will tell you, is pretty annoying.

My fatherly figure that I refer to as my dad, suggested that to circumvent the event of giving the game away to other people who aren't as clairvoyant as I am, I should write down the twist on a piece of paper.
So I'm taking this to the next level as I usually do, by dusting off the board game Cluedo, and using the little pouch you get to place the murderer/room/weapon in as my film twist guessing pouch! (I now am enjoying the word Pouch, I don't think it gets used enough in conversation... well human conversation anyway, I mean I bet Kangaroo's are always on about pouches, or maybe not... what's native Australian for pouch? Do Kangaroo's even call them pouches? Mental note: ask a Kangaroo next time you see one what they call a pouch.)

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, my-pre pouch spiel. So to take my predictions to the next level, I will in future write down my prediction and any relative information (i.e. a murder mystery prediction will be who the killer is, motive, that kind of thing) and place it in the Pouch, to be revealed at the end of the movie and claim those 10 points for getting it right.

I've now decided, this minute, whilst I'm writing this sentence that you may or may not be reading (cus I'm reckoning I may have lost some people at the pouch ramble) that in one of my next Stoopid Studio films, I'll put in a twist and see if anyone gets it before it happens. But of course, I wont say which film it's in as that would aid all 3 people who watch the shorts we make.

Well, I'd better get back to whatever it is I'm paid to do 9-5. Oh and wish me luck as I'm still battling with my long suffering lady friend to see whether or not I can put a poster of Halloween up on the wall. I'm wining so far, using stubbornness and determination.

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