Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Vlogs Indeed

After recently conducting an experiment where I could move my consciousness into other peoples bodies, an idea I had gotten from Tv's Quantum Leap, I decided to write some more movies.

I sat down at my long suffering lady wife's pink laptop, and began typing away until I had indeed written an Edward Lobe script which will hopefully get filmed the back half of this year.

As 2010 is the year of The Dark Spirit, a huge undertaking for Stoopid Studios, and hopefully we'll get it into some film festivals. So you'll have to wait for another film till that's compiled.

But fear not fearful fearers! I am hoping to put up some videos of the process of our filming and have some interviews with the cast/crew. Of course they wont be one of those boring things you get as a dvd extra, they'll be funny, intentionally I hope.

Alexis and myself sat down the other night and did an update on Stoopid Studios, (part 1 is on our Youtube page) and I think it was quite good. So I am thinking about moving into the world of Video Logging or as the degenerative youth of our world call it "Vlogging"... when I first heard of Vlogging I thought it was a form of Dogging, but was pleased to find out that it was something entirely different.

So I am hoping to put some Vlogs up, please feel free, all 2 people who read this, to let me know if you think this is a good/bad/ugly idea.

Well, I've gotta dash, I've got an appointment with various world leaders regarding what I can do about this volcano problem we're having... wait till they find out that it was no accident!

Ciao for now fluffers!

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