Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Making Of...

Shortly after I finished College, I toyed around with the idea for a series based on a group of people making a movie. I'd forgotten about this idea till a bit later and then tried to improv the whole thing with some friends. (Some of which you can still see on Youtube)

We failed. It was a huge undertaking and we didn't have the time or commitment to be able to pull it off.

But as David Brent said "A good idea, is a good idea for life", so after being quite inspired recently after our filming of a script I wrote (The Sandwich) and one I co-wrote with my penpal Alex (The Dude, The Bitch and The Dead), I've decided to go back to the original idea and do something with it next year.

So if you happen to know anyone looking for a film project, fancy getting involved or would like to read some of the first drafts, then send me an e-mail. < The making Of (the subject line)

I'll update you as and when any news of this project emerges.

Ciao for niao

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