Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Half asleep review

I watched Scarface last night, a family film with some guy who was in some film with a horses head in it, I can't remember the details as I was asleep at the time.

I like films from the 80's, theres a certain grittiness to them. The best films came from the 80's, Blues Brothers, Labrynth, Back to the future, Carebears the movie...

Scarface told the story of loveable rogue Tony Montanna, a construction worker who moved to America because he didn't like the bloke who ran Cuba. Oh he came from Cuba by the way, he wasn't like living in Scotland and one day woke up thinking, "hey, I hate that Castro guy, I'm moving to America!"

So Tony goes to america but is put in a shanti village, where his friend tells him the only way out is by getting rid of a man in a white suit (I think it was the Man from DelMonte) so during a protest of some kind he punches the guy in the stomach, and the man from DelMonte falls on the floor, presumably because he's a whimp.

Anyway, Tony and his childhood friends have some zany adventures, and they end up working for a friendly jewish man called Frank. Tony falls in love with Frank's wife and tells his friend that he will woo her. Frank sends Tony and some other guy, I forget his name, to see Mr Sosa, who looks even MORE like the man from DelMonte, but they're not supposed to kill this one, where Tony and this other dude try to negotiate a deal for some white powder, I guess it was sugar. Sosa doesn't like the other guy with Tony and plays a practical joke on him, by putting a noose round his neck and throwing him out a helicopter.

They all have a good laugh about it later, except for the guy who was hanging by his neck from the helicopter, I guess he was too ashamed to come back, as he wasn't in the rest of the film. oh well.

So Tony starts getting more powerful, and starts snorting sugar which makes him really hyper, and Frank sends some people with paint guns to hit Tony, I guess they're all practical jokers, but Tony had brought his own paint gun and shot the guys in the legs. It was really fun, and Tony went to see Frank to repay the favour. Tony got one of his friends to shoot paint at Frank, and Frank played dead, just like you're supposed to in paint ball games.

Anyway, Tony gets together with Frank's wife/girlfriend person, and she starts snorting more sugar than Tony, and is really weird.

So anyway, they all live happily ever after I guess, except for that play fight they have at the end...

Disney have made some great films in their time, but this one was a little hard to follow. I enjoyed it though and the comical dance scene in the club was hillarious, as was the big paint ball game at the end. There were some strong language in it and a scene of nudity, but as Calvin and Hobbs say, "it was acceptable in the 80's" oh wait, that's the kid and the Tiger, Calvin Harris that's the dude that sang that song.

Now to go back to sleep

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