Monday, 3 November 2008

Stealing Time

So breaking Professor Katz out of a mental institute for the criminally insane is going to be harder than I thought.

The A-Team always made it seem easy when they broke Murdoch out of the crazy house, but in reality it's a lot harder than those pansy's make out. I call them pansy's as I know that one of them is dead and if they can't shoot for toffee... seriously, you offer them toffee, and they still can't shoot straight.

When I tried to break in the other night, they captured Simba. So now they're holding the little cat for questioning. I theorized with my other cat Professor Humperdink for some time and althought he suggested we leave Simba to his ultimate fate as "he knew the risks when you adopted him" I don't want to leave any man behind... or cat.

So over some jammy dodgers and tea, we devised a fool proof plan to spring not only Simba, but the disturbed Professor Katz at the same time. But first we needed some supplies, so we decided (as I know how to speak Tesconian) to goto tescos.

As I walked through the door I went white with anger... it's the 3rd of november today... so why... oh why... is there a christmas tree standing in the doorway!?!? Halloween hasn't be done a few days and already christmas is here, Satan must be spinning in his grave!!

Tonight, I spring the Prof Katz and Simba, if I'm not back in a few days... please find my body and get the key to my house and let Gerry Anderson out of the metallic box I trapped him in.

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