Friday, 24 July 2009

Trailer - Edward Lobe in Dead Before Dawn

Hello again!!
I know it's unsual for me to be updating this much, you must think I've become un-employed, or have swine flu and nothing to do...
Well neither are true, hopefully, and to celebrate that fact, here's the trailer for our next short.

"Edward Lobe in Dead Before Dawn" tells the story of the titular Edward Lobe (an eccentric Paranormal investigator) and his long suffering ward Frederick on a seemingly routine invesitgation, but it soon becomes clear that they've been "Ackbard"
Kristofus cobbled the trailer together last night out of the footage from the 2nd half of the short, the 1st half is being filmed tomorrow in a graveyard.

Keep your eyes on my Department 14 blog, which will be giving you more details on the characters and setting of Dark World, the name given to the world in which our films are set.

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