Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Our New Film

Last night, Webb, myself and my evil brother Kristofus, sat round the dinner table and planned out the next dark spirit movie, after that was done, we had several hours spare... so we deicded to do a film in a night, which is what Stoopid Studio's do best.

We didn't want to do a horror/comedy, as that's Dark Spirit and Magic Bean Man right there, so instead we decided on Sci-Fi/comedy.

What started as a simple concept regarding 3 aliens landing on earth, who loose their memories, turned into "Banana Men from Feline Five!!!"

Using Braymachine's camera, which is a hell of a lot better than the cameras we've used in the past, we were able to get a crisp quality, which I hope won't be too large to upload onto Youtube and on here.

So just in time for Hannukah, you'll be able to watch our latest effort, which is a lot more technically experimental than all our previous endevours. Dark Spirit should be being filmed very soon too thanks to having a free house round Webb's, so we'll have a house you WONT recognise! Yatta!


(oh and Zombie Survival IS on it's way, no really)

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