Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Department 14

I've made a little blog for some creative writing I'm working on, which will tie in to what we're filming tonight. The stories will be done in a serial, a bit like the Zombie Survival, except it'll be updated every week/fortnight, whereas Zombie Survival has gone months without being updated.

So if you like the kind of things I write here, and want to read ongoing horror/comedy stories, check out my other page "Department 14" It all looks a little serious on there at the mo, but that'll soon change as the stories commence.

Also, due to the lack of decent layouts on Blogger, you may have noticed this has changed to something out, as Department 14 felt better on the notebook style background.

I must have had a slow January, looking at it, I had 30+ entries that month ah well... lol :D

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