Monday, 27 October 2008

Jeff Tracy

I was round my parents house last night, enjoying a dinner prepared by the monkey chefs that reside in their basement 30 feet under the house, when my father Jedi Mind tricked my mother into handing him the remote.

After a few button presses he settled his eyes on the end of a Thunderbirds episode. Now I've already written my confusion as to why John Tracy is abandoned in space, with only his monitoring station to provide him with light entertainment to ward off the space madness that consumes us all when we're orbiting a planet.

But I think I've uncovered something a tad sinister, which the world governments I'm sure are unaware of.

In this episode of Thunderbirds, Thunderbird 1 was chasing a car with some criminals in it, a bit of an overkill you'd think, what with a large rocket ship chasing down two guys in a sports car?

But then something happened that shocked me to my core... Thunderbird one... began to shoot bullets at the car...

Since when did the Thunderbirds need a machine gun to help them rescue people? What possible use would the machine gun have for rescuing a cat from a tree?

Then I wondered, if Thunderbird 1 had these armaments... what about the other Thunderbird vessles?

The whole world trusts International Rescue, and that's exactly what Jeff Tracy wanted. When you think about it, Jeff Tracy is a perfect Bond villain. He ticks all the boxes.

He's got an island paradise for a home, with an underground lair, a chinese man servant, a space station, several different vehicles and he has the trust of the world. I bet that when Jeff does make his move, the world will not be able to retaliate for fear they will get killed by the large space laser that Brains attached to Thunderbird 5.

But then it's just a tv show, and maybe I'm thinking too much into it... or maybe you're not thinking enough. Be vigilant people, childrens tv series are peparing us for the future, along with computer games, movies and books... except for the bible, that's just crazy.

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