Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Vote for Brown

I'm not as political as my evil brother, what with him being a Nazi Superhero called "Cap'n Colditz", but now and again I think it's time to make a stand and do something about where our country is headed.

And that's why I emplore you to Vote for Brown in the next general election... not Gordon Brown, hell no. I'm talking about Derren Brown - the tricks of the mind guy.

Derren Brown is a modern day supervillain waiting to happen, he can make anyone believe anything he likes with his hypnotic abilities, he'd be able to get all the MP's to vote for whatever he wanted using his sly jedi mind tricks, he'd be able to gain control of the UN using his suggestive abilities and they'd think it was there idea to blow up America and not Derren's.

I think I'll send him a letter and "suggest" he runs for PM :D

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