Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lollypop Man

No, I'm not referring to the Superhero of the same name, who fights crime by giving villains sugary treats that will contribute to dental disaster!!!

But I'm referring to that time old profession of standing at the side of a road in all kinds of weather, in a high vis jacket, holding a large pole helping kids cross the road.

Now I think it's a nice quaint little idea and it's nice to know that someone is watching the children, not in a creepy Gary Glitter way, but in a nice Michael Jackson kind of way. (Oh wait... forget that)

So, this morning on my daily journey into work, I noticed a Lollypop man, standing at the side of the road... at a pedestrian crossing.

Um, somehow I don't think this guy has the point, I mean, Lollypop men or women are supposed to stop traffic to help kids across, but surely the pedestrian crossing has put him out of work. He even thanked us for stopping for him, I wanted to point out that the light was RED, and that if it had been green we would have more than likely mowed him down.

So how does this guy justify his job? Well I was curious so I called up the school he works for, it turns out that he used to work for them, but when the pedestrian crossing was built he was fired (that was the official reason, but the bodies that turned up under his pattio had SOMETHING to do with it)

Bitter at the school for firing him from his dream job, he tried various things from Terrorism, extortion, writing children books and Glamour Modelling. But in the end he couldn't get that job satisfaction of helping children across the road. So every morning, before he goes to his real job at the Home Office, he goes to the pedestrian crossing in his lollypop outfit that he handstitched himself, and helps the children cross the road.

And I thought I was weird!

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