Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What did John Tracy do?

International Rescue!!!
The most action packed, death defying job you could ever hope to have. The Thunderbirds save countless millions every year, and each member must get great satisfaction from there jobs and are adored by women the planet over...

But what about John?

John Tracy, for those of you who don't know, is the Thunderbird who lives on Thunderbird 5 (A space station) completly isolated from the rest of the world, just monitoring distress signals.

Surely with all the technological prowess that went into building the various vehicles, the island itself and all the gadgetry they had, they could have just made the computer onboard Thunderbird 5 monitor distress calls and forward them onto Jeff in his cosy playboy office, and John could have been an extra pair of hands.

Maybe Brains came up to Jeff Tracy and pointed this fact out, but Jeff had read too many books or seen too many films about how evil Artificial Intelligence can become? Or maybe John did something.

Maybe John, when he was studying at Harvard University, became a little too fond of the other men on the course and had an illict affair with the president of the united state's son, so to stop a scandal Jeff blasted his son off into space. Or John might have come home one day and found Jeff having his fun with Lady Penelope and Brains, and to shut him up, blasted his son off into space. Or perhaps John was just a really mean drunk?

Whatever happened, whatever he did, the poor sod was left to rott in outer space, whilst his brothers and father lived a hedonistic lifestyle. I'm suprised John didn't go stir crazy up there, with no other company but himself, and started to walk around naked and make sculptures from his poo? Or became bitter and decided to destroy the entire world from up-above? Or maybe he was just a really big pervert and spent his days watching people have sex from his observation booth?

Well I wanted to know, and who better to ask than Gerry Anderson. He didn't return any of my phone calls or reply to my e-mails!!! I thought that was a tad rude, so I went to his house, broke through his security (a jack russell) and kidnapped him, he's now tied up in my basement... wait... I don't have a basement... where the hell did I put him??

Well, I better figure out soon, as I've got his heart medicine...

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