Thursday, 11 September 2008

Xmas come early?

Santa comes but once a year (I think Mrs Claus is a frigid bitch) and last time I checked that time tied in with Jesus's birthday, the 25th of December.
So why oh why does Tesco's deem it appropriate to sell Mince Pies in September? Mince Pies are christmas treats, not all year treats. If you could get them all year they'd not be that special. But obviously Tescos is wanting to beat all it's other competitors (ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Count Dracula) to the post by getting it's xmas stock out asap.
But this is what I don't get, they've got Mince Pies in for xmas, but nothing for Halloween. Have they forgotten the overly commercialised poorly celebrated tradition that is Halloween? Or do they view Xmas as the next BIG event?
To answer, yet another of my questions, I spoke to Tracey Gorbochov, a tesco's employee about this. Tracey grunted twice which meant she understood the question, and scratched the floor, signalling that it was a poorly planned marketing decision.
It's a good job I speak Tesconian!

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