Thursday, 2 September 2010


I was watching a car advert the other night, through laziness, not by choice...

There's some kid in a car, who picks up a cow using her hands and places it on top of a petrol station's roof. Irresponsible!!! If I was her father, I'd stop the car and make her take it off again.

So, put yourself in the petrol station guys shoes. You're working in the middle of nowhere, you've been called in to work even though it's supposed to be your day off in a typical Clerks moment, at a petrol station which seldom see's any traffic.

So you're helping yourself to a sly Slush Puppy when all of a sudden you hear a "Moooo". You open the door to see on top of your petrol station roof, there is a cow.

You immediatly realise that someone in a vauxhall has driven past and irresponsibly let their child use the god like powers that the car gives them, to put a cow on your roof. You're now tasked with getting the cow down, then your mobile goes off, it's the hospital... your wife was attacked by rabid wolverines and they need you down there asap. But... there's a cow on your roof.

These car adverts never think of the little people, and that's why I don't drive...

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