Friday, 2 January 2009

Love Hearts!?

Happy new year to you! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.

I threw an 80's themed New Years Eve party with my long suffering lady friend Louise, including a 5 second space hopper race, a kitchen full of zombies dancing to Thriller and Melody Pops and love hearts.

Which brings me onto a topic.

Love Hearts.

They've been round for ages and I always remembered them as having text on them that had something to do with romance. I mean, you could guarantee in a pack you'd get at least 1 "kiss me" and usually the girl you'd give it to would oblige (espeically if you'd laced the sweet with something)

However, we'd bought several packets of Love Hearts and put them into a bowl, rather than leaving them in their wrappers as people don't tend to open them if they're in their wrapper as they'd feel obligated to eat the whole pack.

In the bowl, I did not see 1 "kiss me" or "I love you" which is what I thought was the point of them, however there was an abundance of "Just say no" and "I surrender"

Just say no? What the duece? If you're giving love hearts out to a PGF (possible girl friend) you don't want to give them the option of turning you down... wait... now I sound like a rapist. What I'm saying is that some people believe in fate, and if your PGF is one of them she may interpret the love heart as a sign she shouldn't be with you, scuppering your chances!

Also, Melody Pops no longer contain a musical tune to play in their wrappers! These sweet companies need to be dealt with, swiftly.

Well that's all from me for the moment, but like Arnie in most 80's films... "I'll be back"

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