Friday, 2 January 2009

Zombie Survival - Prelude


After investing wisely with the large sponsorship Wikipedia and google are paying me to mention them in every conversation I have nowerdays, I have now got my own Island in the med... and thanks to my advanced knowledge of chemistry, I have been able to infect the residence of the island with a zombie virus I call... um... zombie virus. {original}

Now I am travelling on a boat to the island, with my friends to see if I (and who of my friends) can survive the impending zombie apocalypse... my friends are unware of whats on the island and think we're going for a quick get-away.

Over the next few days... if I survive, I will be updating you with news of our survival. Here are the brave souls (fools) who are accompanying me.

Royston - He's mid 20's and is as sarcastic as he is streetwise. Growing up in a rough part of the town I call Rugby, has hardened his outer-shell but will it be enough to stop zombie teeth chewing on his sensitive insides?

Pope - Not religious as all, she's like a bike... by that I mean she's reliable... not that she's... well... She's in her early 20's and as glamarous as can be. She's says it like she see's it and has a softer underbelly like an armadillo... not like an armadillo's underbelly, but her underbelly is softer than her... oh come on, you must understand that, do I have to explain everything?!?!? {sigh}

Polly - Not a woman, but a man. Polly has brought his collection of war poetry with him, he's a hippy of the 00's. Wouldn't hurt a fly, and is more anti-capatalist then Castro's right nut. He's mid 20's but is knicknamed Grandad for his old ways.

Braymachine - Larger than life... quite literally, this jolly (large) guy is an IT whizz kid. He's the Jabba the hutt of the IT world. He's happyily married and just celebrated his 26th birthday, so what better time to be attacked mercilessly by the undead?

Milli - Another 20 something, who's come along for the ride. I told her we were going on a fact finding mission to Alderan, she falls for it everytime. Milli is a petite scottish lady who lives in Ireland. She has great empathy for people/animals/plants and runs mainly on candyfloss and ribena.

So, over the next few days we shall see... who survives... hopefully I will or you wont know the end!! Stay tuned true believers!

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