Thursday, 8 January 2009

Zombie Survival : Day Three cont

It's getting harder to update you all on our progress, as the group are starting to get suspicious of my long "toilet brakes" but I think I've managed to fool them with my "I'm having a danger wank" line.

Yesterday after my update, we left the hotel and the small Port Venture and headed inland, after constructing various weapons from bamboo items from Hotel Lollypop and headed north till we came to a small garage which had an open top jeep, the keys were no where to be seen... until the zombie mechanic stumbled across us.

Milli did her usual scream as loud as she can, Pope vomitted some blood onto Polly's shoes who was more concerned with his Converse trainers than the rotting corpse. The Mechanic ran at us full pelt, I threw my bamboo spear at him, missing completly, Royston was up next and hit the zombie with his bamboo spade, however it splintered and the Mechanic kept coming. He leapt on Royston pinning him to the ground, Royston pleading for help all the while keeping the nashers of the Mechanic off of him.

That's when Braymachine stepped in, he stated "I need no weapons" and grabbed the Mechanic by the scruff of the neck and threw him over the opposite side of the garage. The Mechanic landed on his face and we heard a sickening SNAP as his neck broke in the fall. Braymachine casually walked up to the Mechanic and took the keys out of his top pocket. "There, wasn't that hard was it?"

Suddenly the zombies poured into the garage from all sides Polly jumped into the drivers seat and the rest of us piled into the back... except for Braymachine... who tripped as he ran to the jeep. As the zombies gathered round him, he chucked the keys to us, Polly revved up the engine and accelerated over the zombies, crushing a few, and then quickly reversed as the zombies turned their attention on us... as we sped away from the garage I looked back as the final signs of life dissapeared from Braymachines eyes...

I felt a bit guilty, one of my closest friends was now zombie chowder and another one of my friends is gradually turning into one... but wait. When I had the scientists develope Zombie Virus(tm) I also got them to develope Zombie Cure (tm) which would reverse the process of the former. The laboratory where it was held was underneath the hospital, the very place we were headed.

Polly bombed along the unkempt road from Port Venture all the while humming "golden brown" to himself in a manic state. Royston was the first to talk "well, I know Braymachine's dead...but he's given us a great headstart, I mean if they're eating him... they'll be there some time."
Milli gave Royston a cold look, I broke in before the potential argument "From what I remembered when I booked this holiday, there is a hospital in the next town over."

Polly stopped the car and turned to me "This is all your fault Addy, why the hell did you bring us here?" my heart skipped a beat, did he know more than I gave him credit for, or was he just blaming me for the death of a friend? Milli however turned on Polly and told him "How was Addy supposed to know about the zombies?" Polly then started the car up again and drove in silence till we stopped for a "toilet break"

And that brings us uptodate... today we'll be headed towards the hospital, and hopefully the underground laboratory. All my knowledge from horror movies is telling me that a hospital is a very bad idea to go when dealing with zombies, as where do the infected people go? Hospital to seek a cure of course... and instead end up dying and coming back from the dead. On that note, Pope is looking worse by the minute, if I dont get her the cure soon, well we'll have to deal with her the old fashioned way. Well Polly is honking the horn, I'll update you soon.

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