Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Zombie Survival : Day Nine

The thick plottens!!

So, there I was captured by my ex-friends (kinda like the x-men but without the powers and not as friendly) wondering if they were going to leave me here to die or if they were going to feed me to the zombies. The room I was in was lacking any kind of amenities, and I couldn’t tell where I was as the windows were all barred up with Bamboo.

I heard a noise at the door to my (cell?) and decided I’d jump whoever it was, knocking them out, and get the hell out of here. I heard a bamboo key turn in the bamboo lock, and I prepared myself for the ensuing battle.

As soon as the figure stepped in the room I leapt on them, we tussled for a while, then I realised that it was Polly I was tussling with and that he was still completely naked. Being completely creeped out by this fact I let him go and shuddered to myself for some time.

Polly explained to me that he believed that the Zombie Virus ™ was too dangerous, and he wouldn’t let anyone leave the island for fear of spreading it to the mainland. That was why he had shot at Royston, and at us. When quizzed as to why he was naked he just stared at me.

Royston came in the room at this time, shuddered at the sight of Polly and then confronted me. He told me that he was beyond pissed off about our current predicament, and blamed me for the deaths (or un-deaths) of Braymachine and Pope, and that if it was up to him, he’d kill me where I stood, however he wanted my help to destroy the island.

I did ask the scientists to place several counter-measures, just in case, to kill of the un-dead. It was never revealed to me as to what they actually were. I explained to Royston and Polly that this was the case, all the while trying not to catch Polly in my peripheral line of sight for fear of seeing a little too much of my naked crazed friend.

Polly made it very clear that we had to stop this twisted experiment of mine, and that we needed to find out what the counter-measures were and how to activate it before the others do whatever it is they’re doing here.

At this point I remembered that Cap’n Skipper had had luggage on his boat, and that I had wondered who it belonged too. I asked Polly what he meant by “others”? Polly then told me that I wasn’t the only one interested in Nefarious’s zombie population…

My brother was on the island, with a crap team… sorry, crack team. Polly overheard them talking about getting a sample of Zombie Virus ™ and selling it to the highest bidder, probably on ebay.

My brother Kristofus was captured as a youth and experimented on by Nazi American Indians who in-turn were trying to create a being of pure evil. It seems that the evil I have unleashed on the island has now been eclipsed by the tyrant that is my brother. Polly didn’t see the other members of his team, but chances are I probably know them.

The naked crazed man and Royston were right of course, I had to help them stop the Zombie Virus ™ before my brother could use it for pure(er) evil!

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