Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Aftermath #01 - Home Alone

In the Aftermath section, I'll be theorising what happens after the credits have rolled in the movies.

How the movie ended:
Kevin McCallister has been re-united with his family and foiled two burgulars from stealing everything from his house!!!

But there's no way they would have lived happily ever after...

The Aftermath!

Things were about to get a whole lot worse!
Kevin stole from a local shop when he was scared by the "shovel man". Now I'm going to let this one slide as the kindly shovel man, probably paid for Kevin's stuff as he's a nice enough sort.

Well, Kevin did stop them, however the means as to which he did this are suspect. Harry and Marv would have told their lawyer what the kid did, and sued for damages. No where in the real world would you get away with attacking burgulars with such flavour as he did. It would be revealed that Kevin was abandoned by his parents and this tramua led to all the problems that he had to face. So a social worker would take Kevin AND all the other children off of their parents hands, whilst they face criminal prosecution. This breaks up the McCallister's marriage, she marries the next year to a travelling salesman that beats her every night, and she has an operation to remove her ovaries due to the fear of having another child that she may abandon. The father turns into a recluse and hangs himself 10 years later on christmas eve.

As for the kindly "shovel-man" he would first be arrested for assault on the burgulars and dies alone in prison... all the children apart from kevin end up in stable homes but what happens to Kevin?

Well Kevin is asigned to a psychiatrist who breaks Kevin down to a quivering wreck, Kevin goes from foster home to foster home, being abused and self harming. However after a name change from Kevin to John, he becomes a succesful designer and grows up with an interseting view on life. He's very intelligent but when his partner's unborn child is killed by a drug addict, it sends him over the edge. He uses his childhood memories to set up traps for other people... he eventually becomes known as Jigsaw... and so starts the Saw franchise. I think I've just spoilt saw 6 for you all!!

"Do you give up, or are you thirsty for more?"

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