Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Thank you for NOT smoking

I was speaking to the lovely Chantelle, the secretary at my work, the other day. She was telling me that she's always put off from having a cigarette outside when it's freezing, I asked if Cancer wasn't a big enough put off for her, to which she told me about the latest Smoking Deterrent.

Apparantly she was going to purchase some cigarettes from her local tobacanists, however when she saw the packet she made the (tobacanist?) change it for another one. As the picture on the carton had manky "smokers teeth" on it.

I reckon he'd still buy em, no matter what was on the box.

So they're trying to put off people from smoking by showing them what it can lead to. Which made me think, what if other associations pick up on this. What if the war on fat decides to do a smiliar deterrent by putting pictures of 50tonne men on bigmac boxes, or a pic of some bedridden housesized guy on packets of pringles? You could buy a mobile phone that had pictures of Pikeys beating you up on the boxart. Wotsits could have pictures of someone sitting in their underwear watching Jeremy Kyle. All paperwork for creditcards could have a picture of someone selling their house after buying one hdtv too many. Pampers could have pictures of you covered in baby crap at 3 am whilst your wife sleeps obliviously upstairs.

The options are endless.

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