Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Zombie Suvival : Day Two -

I woke up this morning at about 3 am to see Cap'n Skipper in my bunk.

"Thar be a foul air to this journey, ya cud turn ye back if ye wanted and save yarselves the grizzly fate that awaits ye." he told me, and then walked out. Suffice to say I didn't get much sleep for fear of another bunk-invasion by the crazed seaman.

I got on deck at about 6am to find Royston playing with a Rubiks cube that he got from Port before we left. He, like me, had had no real sleep, but his reason was in his hands, mine was partly the Cap'n's fault and partly due to excitement and dread. Am I doing the most sensible thing taking my friends to their inveitable deaths, I thought as I unwrapped a strawberry cornetto, then I spent the next few minutes wondering where I'd got the cornetto from.

At 8am we saw Nefarious, the Island I'd infected with the Zombie Virus (tm), it looked quite nice in the morning light. Pope remarked "It looks so purty, I hope there is a bar there"

The first sign that something was wrong was when we tied up the boat at Port Venture. The little town seemed deserted. Cap'n Skipper told us he'd pick us up in a week and cast off, I think I heard him laughing as he went.

First thing Braymachine did was got out his PDA and tried to bring up a map of Nefarious on google, but he couldn't connect to the internet... I've never seen someone so lost as him when he couldn't google. Polly was happy though, he was glad we had no contact with the outside world as we could enjoy the holiday without interuption... little did he realise what we were about to face.

Milli and Pope decided to go and try and find a bar for Pope whilst the men went to check in at the Hotel. After a short treck through the deserted streets we arrived at "Hotel Lollypop", a large building which was where we were supposed to be staying on our first night on the island. Polly strode up to the front desk and pressed the bell on the desk, which to his suprise was covered in blood, he then peered over the desk and saw what he later described as "looked like one of Addy's ex-girlfriends" and ran out to be sick.

So we had a dead body on our hands and no sign of life (or un-life). That was until the girls came running towards us at quite a lick. "RUUUUUN!" Milli screamed at the top of her lungs. And to my horror(glee?) behind her were the townsfolk... very zombified, but not the slow kind of zombies, these were the fast 28 day later infected zombies!! Polly ran back in followed by Milli and Pope, Royston managed to snap Braymachine out of his non-google trance long enough for him to help barricade the bamboo door.

Royston jumped over the ex-girlfriend and grabbed keys to a room on the top floor ran halfway up the bamboo staircase and turned to us saying "come with me if you want to live". It was a pretty cool Arnie moment. We followed him up the bamboo stair case, along the bamboo hallway and into room 333, which we barricaded with bamboo furniture.

There were several questions from the group. What was going on? Why were the townsfolk attacking us? Why can't I access Google? Where's the liquer and why'd they bite me? What were we going to do? But none of us had the answers... well I did, but I wasn't going to let on just yet.

Milli and Polly were happy staying in the hotel, but Braymachine said he wanted to get the hell out of here, Pope concured saying she was "dry". Royston looked out the bamboo window and saw the zombies were surrounding the building. "It looks like they're not giving up" he said... followed by Pope's words "I don't feel so good" she then proceeded to vomit blood on the floor and fainted... Polly steadied her and applied his first aid training. She had a bite wound, and only I knew what that would lead to. "She needs to rest, but we need some medicine" Polly exclaimed. Milli had seen a small clinic when her and Pope were trying to find a bar.

Royston volunteered me, Milli and him to go looking for some medicine, hopefully I'll be able to update this as soon as I get back... oh and if you're wondering how I'm updating this but Braymachine can't access the internet... well like how I got the cornetto, it remains a mystery.

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