Wednesday, 7 January 2009


DVD's are a dime a dozen, and my house is full of them. We used to have videos everywhere, then it moved to DVD's, and "Blue Ray" (sounds like a porno name) seems the way forward.

I wonder how much money I'll spend in the coming years to get the same film I had on VHS, but in the "current" format.

So you like me probably have a fair few DVD's, but do you watch them more than once? Probably not. So here's a way to milk some enjoyment from a film!

Watch the film again, but this time pretend that the story or a character is in the main characters head. Just think, you could be watching Blues Brothers, but pretending that Jake Blues is a figment of Elwood's immagination. Makes the whole thing a lot more interesting.
What makes me laugh, not out loud of course, is adverts for the next generation of entertainment. Why advertise HD-TV on a normal tv channel... how could a normal tv pick up the "picture perfect quality" of a HD-TV when it's just a bog standard one itself. How can it pick up all the colours that they've added on HD-TVs?

The adverts make me laugh aswell... do you remember the "This is DVD" advertisement? It basically told you that by watching a DVD your television would explode and you'd be sucked into the film... how many people bought a DVD and a DVD player thinking that was the case? And who the hell would WANT to be in a movie? I mean the first DVD we got was Perfect Storm, and I sure as hell wouldn't like to be stuck on a boat with Mark Wahlberg! I'd be praying to be killed by that storm!

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